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D.J. Higgins (Filmmaker)


I am a filmmaker based in the greater New York Area. If you want to make a movie my track record speaks for itself. I am a doer, a perfectionist and award winning filmmaker.  Let's meet in person and make this happen! Please contact me for commercial work as I bring my passion for film to each and every commercial! 


My past research has touched primarily upon Italian neorealism and I have presented research in Lecce, Erice, Buenos Aires and Bloomington. I have a master's in Italian Cinema (Middlebury College), a master's in Italian Literature (Indiana University) and a master's in Spanish generalist studies (Middlebury College) and a master's in Film (Sacred Heart University. 


My last film, Pasquale's Magic Veal has won 5 awards and is nominated for another 6. Meet Mario, available on Amazon Prime, is a 5 time award winner as well. 

Contact info: 

"I took one course in existential philosophy at New York University and on the final they gave me ten questions. I couldn't answer a single one of 'em. You know? I left ’em all blank... I got a hundred."

– Woody Allen

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